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Recently the breaking news circulated around the Facebook i.e., real life of fallen angel dropped from the sky in London.
In the month of July 2015, some photographs showing a fallen angel who dropped from the sky in London. These are now very popular in the online.

Fallen Angel Dropped from the Sky


While some web sites showing that these are the creation of an artist while the other decisive to create the fake and interesting news about a “real” fallen angel. 
Some web sites started a rumor on this hot topic that these photographs are captured in Texas.

A body nearly like human “Female Angel” has fallen over the sky in Texas. It is tremendously like an unknown creature from the sky having wings like an “angel”. These wings appearing as arms to that anonymous body.

Fallen Angel Dropped from the Sky

This interesting news revealed just hours before that NASA announced they discovered ‘Earth 2.0’ the most liveable planet ever.

The truth behind this “fallen angel” is a “hyper-realistic figure” created by an artists Yuan and Peng Yu in the year 2008, at Beijing.

The two people always work on a paradox. The objects for their study may be human dead bodies or human tissues; they focus on the analysis of the paradox rather than developing an amazing thing.

Fallen Angel Dropped from the Sky

They use hyper-realistic sculpture in their recent research and the research is the tension between the bodies, organic tissues or animals and their imaginative demonstration communicates to the transposition of subjects from the plane of immanence onto the plane of transcendence. They repeal their daily practice i.e., imagination and fabled subjects go through the land of everyday life and reality. This angel is created as life-size sculpture with silica gel and fiber-reinforced polymer and it is turned as amazingly the new approach. The image is like an angel or a old woman having feathered wings lying down on the surface. This super natural creation is now hot topic all over the web world not more than that. The angel is true but it is an powerless creature.

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