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10 Worst parents in the world, here are the top 10 World’s worst mothers and father’s ever to have children’s. You can’t imagine this kind of parents. Watch this video you will know...

10 Worst parents in the world


  • A 16 Years child was punished viciously by her father, as she attended a party without his permission. 
  • In one of the major city, mother sold his daughter’s virginity by promoting a hot deal in eBay.  
  • A mother in England believed that smoking 15 – 20 cigarettes a day will make her baby to born strong, she figured with a huge amount of carbon monoxide being injected into baby’s lungs, as a result baby born with a low birth rate.
  • Hope Askew, a Texas mom, grabbed a heated iron pressed its surface on her 10 years old daughter for not remembering some of the punctuation's. 
  • When a 3 months baby refused to stop crying, his mother choked the baby’s face with a blanket. The next day she took the lifeless baby day to shopping for few hours.    


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