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10. Protect your computer with anti-virus software
10 ways to stay safe online

A virus is a software program that can destroy or damage your computer information. Anti-virus is software that can protect your computer with known viruses. But there are new viruses emerging everyday so you can update your anti-virus frequently.

9. Don’t use easily guessing passwords and keep your passwords protective

10 ways to stay safe online
Don’t write passwords anywhere in your system, there are many possibilities to stole your passwords from anywhere of the world. Make your passwords hard to hack. Don’t make your password as your names or family names etc. Mix your password with letters, numbers and symbols these are very hard to hack.

8. Don’t open unknown emails

10 ways to stay safe online
Delete unknown emails immediately, don’t open attached files from unknown sources they may be some viruses which stole or destroy your data. Beware with “exe” files particularly and don’t send these attachments to your friends if you don’t have clear idea about that any attached files are safe.

7. Don’t share your access with strangers

10 ways to stay safe online
 Your computer OS may form a network with internet for many accesses; your computer can access hard-drive to share files. This file share can infect your computer with virus. Check your OS and other programs to learn how to share files safely.

6. Tell to your family and friend’s safety and security precautions

10 ways to stay safe online
Check your computer security at least twice in a year; also explain the safety precautions to your family members.

5. Give firewall protection to your computer

10 ways to stay safe online
It is necessary to install firewall to your personal computer. Firewall can restrict access from thieves for stealing any voluble information like mobile numbers, credit and debit card numbers etc.

4. Frequently download protection update "patches"

10 ways to stay safe online
There are many security errors are found frequently in the OS or in App. Companies are regularly updating these errors and releases latest versions you should download that “Patches” and update your PC.

3. Take back-up of your computer regularly

10 ways to stay safe online
It is very helpful for taking backup frequently onto external devices such as CD’s, hard discs.

2. Disconnect internet while not in use

10 ways to stay safe online
Internet is a two-way communication. You can send or receive any information. It is better to disconnect while not necessary, it reduce the chances of accessing your computer.

1.    Get Linux operating system

10 ways to stay safe online
Linux have many advantages for browsing information: it requires less memory, provide fast browsing, it does not affect virus easily. All modern browsers are supporting in linux except Internet Explorer.

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